Saturday, November 8, 2008

American idol

We interrupt this blog because I have finally gotten my copy of Gramophone Magazine. This is the issue wherein the editors graciously print my letter about Leonard Pennario. It is the Special Anniversary Issue, too. Nothing but the best for me!

I am very proud to have been permitted to defend the old man's honor. Click on the page and you will be able to read what I wrote. Please take the time to admire my first sentence! It is very graceful if I may say so myself, which I may because no one is going to stop me this being my blog.

I still think they should have run Pennario's picture big and that Russian guy's picture small. They would sell more magazines that way! But I think I will quit while I am ahead and not bicker with these people any more than I already have.

OK, enough crowing. Back to work!

1 comment:

Budd Bailey said...

Fred Astaire would have been proud of the grace of that lead.

If you write, 79,900 more words like that, you'll have a fine book.

So get back to work.