Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Attack of the Voluminous Vegetables

BAD girl! NO Clinton-Bailey Market!

I am posting the unflattering picture above so I will stay away. I do not know what that business means about a half mile from home, by the way. The Clinton-Bailey Market is more than a half mile from my home THANK GOD.

My kitchen is starting to look like Wegmans! Lastnight I managed to make it through a big bunch of broccoli, with salmon which I am more master of than I am of steak, I will say that after yesterday's experience. Anyway this is what I still have left: six green peppers, two red peppers, seven leeks, two rutabagas, eight beets, six turnips, one Savoy cabbage and three red cabbages. Today I resolve to keep a distance of at least a mile between me and any farmers' market. I am running up the red flag.

Luckily my appetite is up again. It has survived the elections. Of course it is one of the wonders of the world, my ability to eat.

My mother made me feel better. She had voted for McCain but when we had our steak dinner the other night she was all bouncy and chipper. She had stayed up to watch the election results and had been impressed by the grace of both McCain's and Obama's speeches and had decided they were both fine gentlemen. Plus she approved of how Obama had been married only once, whereas McCain was on his second wife. That is the way my German Catholic mother looks at life and it can be comforting.

Another thing that makes me feel better is Howard says that Rush Limbaugh has been replaying Rev. Jeremiah Wright saying: "God D-- America!" I do not use bad words in my blog. Rush said: "Come on, just because the elections are over doesn't mean we have to stop playing that!" That got me laughing.

What else got me laughing? This video from the Onion that my friend Steve Sherman sent me. As Howard said, the Onion has sure gotten slick.

And Bill's comment about Obama having Leonard Pennario on his iPod. Well, I think I already wrote that.

Anyway, my stomach has regained its equilibrium, which is certainly good news for farmers' markets throughout Western New York. Now we can return to other important matters. Like Leonard Pennario.

And the weather! How about this weather? I wore sandals and summer clothes to work yesterday. And I still was too warm walking back from Pilates class!

Here is what I think is funny. You get a sunny summery day like yesterday. What was it, 80 degrees? And you still see all kinds of people in down jackets and black tights and long wool coats. Honest, I kept passing people on the sidewalk wearing this stuff. Are these people awake? Do they notice what kind of day it is out? Perhaps they awaken with their brain computing, robot-like: "It is November. I live in Buffalo. Hence I will wear a down jacket."

Maybe they are not real people. Maybe they are those people Mason Winfield told me about that if you watch them long enough you will see them disappear.

Or maybe they are the people who voted for Obama. OK, I will stop now. No more election coverage on this site. I do not want to put myself off my feed again.

I can't afford to. Not with all the stuff in my kitchen.

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