Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The nut, at his nuttiest

Ah, spring. Even when it's rainy, it feels good. The drifting of the smell of the zoo across the park, the cooing of the morning doves, the firing up of the neighbors' grills, the emerging of the peppermint in the garden, the gamboling of puppies, the blaring of the boom cars, the sitting at my desk for seven hours .... oh, wait, those last two were cons, not pros. Well, still.

Cousin Ron is feeling especially frisky.

This is Howard's cousin, Ron Moss, introduced in this blog a few days back. He is out on the streets again. He got thrown off the Elmwood bus. He was mouthing off about the PA primaries .... Moss loves to get on a bus and just make his voice heard ... and the driver told him to get out. Which is what Moss thrives on. He loves that.

He disembarked peacefully. He always does. The driver was black, so Moss' loud parting words to her were a good-humored: "What, can't a white man ride?" Everyone on the bus, black and white, was laughing.

Ron Moss is considered by many friends to be the "original blogger" except instead of using a computer he shows up in person. I personally think of Moss as "the human pop-up window." He is like one of those obscene pop-up windows that surprise you when you are least prepared. But by the end of the rinse cycle, my day is always richer for it.

He has been asking for a megaphone for his birthday. Hmmm ... I wonder if that would that be considered upgrading to broadband?

We will be introducing a Family Nut feature. Every family has one. Admit it! Revel in it!

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Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of why I miss riding the bus on a regular basis...when you climb aboard, you never know what may happen or what characters will cross your path.

Bus culture...

Anonymous said...

You are so right!
We have a few nuts in the family tree..
My Grandfather who collected mini flashlights and nail clippers..
My Aunt who made special cookies for her cat out of chicken liver..
The list is endless..
Michele J

Rich said...

I drive Metro bus and have known Ronnie for yrs. Ron would always brighten my day when he rode my bus. Back when he was driving cab he would do a u turn on Elmwood ave and pull next to me just to say hi traffic be dammed. Miss ya buddy .