Friday, May 5, 2023

Wild goose chase


I have been having luck with my Seek app. I am discovering all kinds of new species!

The American Boxwood is one. I know, you see this hedge everywhere. The reason I mention it is, it has the greatest Latin name.

It is Buxus sempervirens! The "sempervirens" must mean evergreen. However it is the box part that I love.


Also there are several waterfowl I adore. The one up above is one that I see frequently in Forest Lawn Cemetery. I actually only see one. That is a picture I took up above. It is a Gray Goose, aka Anser Anser.

This Anser Anser Gray Goose hangs out with two other geese. Both of them seem to be Graylag Geese although they are a little bit different.

Anser Anser and the two Graylag are like the Three Musketeers, always together. They roam around by Mirror Lake. Above is a picture I took of them napping.

Here they are taking a stroll. And yes, the trees in the background are Japanese Cherry. I checked!

I fell in love with Anser Anser and his big orange feet and beak. 

You look at him and just know there is a God, you know? Someone had to come up with that.

And the Graylag Goose. I think of this one as the Mother Goose goose.

I have identified 75 species so far. My friend Melinda went walking with me this morning and I bagged a lot of those sightings with her help.

However nothing has been as much fun as this Wild Goose chase!

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