Sunday, August 15, 2021

Let it Roll Like a Big Wheel

Howard has gone into the Web log and added pictures! Last night he sneaked in and I see he put up pictures of himself and me and Steve Cichon and Nick Otto.

Easy for him! He is always so photogenic. The photo above, I took it the first or second time Lounge Academy was back in session after the disruptions of the last year. Howard looks dapper even with a mask around his chin!

I am going to have to get in the habit of taking pictures more often. For instance we have none of the distinguished journalist Jim Corbran who also joined us last night, nor do we have any of Ryan Lysarz, the president of WBIG-TV. All right, I am done name dropping for now.

Well, not quite. Looking at yesterday's comment section I am honored to see that we may expect a visit from the Sensibly Shod Commoner -- yes, the influential food blogger.

Is that great or what??

We are on a roll!

As the great blues singer Big Joe Turner would put it: Let it roll like a big wheel, in a Georgia cotton field!


That is a recording I love!

We are all about show business. We are still talking about Friday, and here it is Sunday.

Speaking of which, I sang today. Howard is not the only singer in the family! I went to church this morning and this being the Feast of the Assumption I sang "Hail Holy Queen."

Don't laugh. That is a demanding number, I will tell you that.

It has a range of well over an octave and I had to nail every note because the soprano, Philomena, was singing a descant at the end. As I was singing, I was thinking: The hymnals always say this is a German melody. Are they sure it is not Irish?

You know the Irish. They come up with these song to show off how daring you can be with your voice. They originally came up with the melody to "The Star-Spangled Banner." The purpose of the original song was to show off your chops at the corner pub, preferably while standing on top of a table. That is what one of the Irish Tenors told me. Anthony Kearns if memory serves me. Well, he did not say the part about standing on top of a table. But it is easy to fill out the scene.

Anyway. That was what it is like singing "Hail, Holy Queen." Luckily, I had my training watching Howard and his professional singing approach.

Oh look! Here is an Episcopal congregation singing "Hail Holy Queen." 

I love when Protestants start singing Catholic hymns. Especially in Latin, which, at the end of "Hail Holy Queen" you have to soar with that "Salve, salve, salve Regina!

See, this is how you go down the rabbit hole. I started out with Lounge Academy, went on to Big Joe Turner and here we are at "Hail Holy Queen," sung by Episcopalians, at that.

What can I say, this is how we roll.

Like a big wheel!

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The Sensibly Shod Commoner said...

Oh my, I am honored to be mentioned! And I also love Hail Holy Queen!