Saturday, August 7, 2021

Cats Without Vanity

Cats can be vain. They are famous for that. There was one time when My Cat Jeoffry got upset when he was jumping from the mantel and stumbled and landed awkwardly. He could not stand that I was laughing at him so he took a swipe at me.

I said, "Don't take it out on me that you're a klutz!"

I still laugh about that!

However there are times when cats are without vanity.

That is when they are asleep!

Fig. A is Jeoffry up above. I took that picture today. It was hot and Jeoffry stretches out when it is hot in all kinds of odd and unflattering poses. He also enjoys sleeping in the shade of furniture.

Here is a closeup of his face.

Another shot.

And there is this from the other day. I sent this to Howard and he gave it a giant thumbs up.

How could you not give that a thumbs up?

So cute.

No vanity!!

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