Thursday, June 17, 2021

My mysterious roses

 These are the roses in front of my house!

Here I am, a loser of a gardener, and yet the rosebushes I put in a long time ago have just grown like weeds. My neighbor taught me to prune them a few years ago and so I have been doing a little of that. And maybe it is true that a little goes a long way. Because look at them!

 As I have perhaps mentioned before, these roses are miraculous in their way. For a brief shining week or so, my garden is the wonder of the block. However this year that week has stretched to three weeks. I think that is because Howard cut down this weedy tree that was growing among them. The tree must have been stifling one of the rose bushes, the one with hot pink roses. This year I am seeing a lot more of them.

This week has seen the flowering of the big rose bush in front of the house, the gigantic rambling rose with ice-cream-pink flowers. 



Let me tell you one thing.

Whatever gardening I do these days, I do it proudly!

I walk about the, ahem, grounds with my head held high. Surely people who are stopped in traffic in front of my house, they are looking at me with awe. 

Look, they say. There is the gardener who grew those roses!

They are saying: I wish I had roses like hers!

They wonder: What is her secret?

I wish I knew!



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