Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus entertainment freebies

We need grand opera at a time like this! This is from the Met's "La Traviata," streaming free March 19.

The Coronavirus scare has spawned another phenomenon -- the Coronavirus freebie.

These are things of which you may partake at home.

Granted, there are already millions of things you can get free at home. YouTube is full of them -- old records, a universe of tutorials, old movies, documentaries, master classes, you name it. Master classes!! I will have to sit down at the piano and study one.

But above and beyond that...

There are free museum tours you take online. That link will take you to the British Museum, the Getty Museum, and a bunch more.

I tried touring the Van Rijk Museum and it taught me one thing: I need help going around corners!

Google Earth, I have to get with it!

The Met has a list of simulcasts which has begun with Bizet's "Carmen." Wow, just now I notice this is just the first week of streams. I wonder how long this will go on!

What if you watched all of them, one every night? Imagine how knowledgeable you would be! Perhaps I will try. "Carmen" actually aired last night but I read they will be available free for 20 hours following that original stream.

OK, quick update... My attempt to do that is a bust. There home page is just not working.

Crudele, as they say in "Don Giovanni"! It means Cruel One.

Well, you can always find tons of free operas on YouTube, many with English subtitles. I should post a link to my favorites. Meanwhile, on to other options.

Libby Maeder, who runs the famous foodie Web log The Sensibly Shod Commoner, posted on Facebook yet another option, 15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch on Stage From Home.

However as I pointed out to her, I do not see the magic word -- "free." Sure enough, I looked into "Kiss Me Kate" which they said was available on Amazon Prime but even if you have Amazon Prime, you have to rent or buy it.

Still, this is promising. I am going on Coronavirus Freebie Alert. Eyes on the prize! I am looking for free online courses, free quality old movies that you cannot find on YouTube or Amazon Prime, free Pac-Man, free everything.

I also need a quality Latin Mass that is live-streaming now that I have been cut off. I am sure I can find that along with everything else.

I will report!

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