Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Christmas wreath

In 2020 I want to write in this Web log every day. And so I am going to get warmed up now.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me now that I wrote every day for so long. My mother passed away and it is as if she lives on, because all these little conversations we had, all the fun we had, is right here. Plus all these things I would have forgotten, I remember them! Because I wrote them down.

Why everyone does not keep a Web log I will never know. But anyway. In the spirit of this new resolution...

My friend Meghan, pictured up above, and I made wreaths!

This was on the Second Day of Christmas, also known as the Feast of Stephen.

We went for a walk through Delaware Park and collected things we would need. We amassed pine boughs, several different kinds. And beautiful wintry berries, probably poisonous because they were sitting there having not been eaten even by birds. There were black and red berries.

As Meghan said later, the red berries were like gold, because there were so few of them. But the black berries were striking! And when we got back to my house we realized that I have growing by my front door -- drum roll please -- actual holly! With the red berries and the shiny leaves.

So we cut all this stuff up and we went to work at my dining room table.'

Later I swept everything up and I thought I had done pretty well. However Howard went to sit down for dinner and he goes, "What the heck?"

His chair was covered in pine needles!

Not so surprising considering not long before the table had looked like this ...

... but still.

Long story short I have a wreath on my door, better late than never. Howard admired it. And I am happy with it.

And today, the Fourth Day of Christmas, I actually sent out a couple of cards.

What will things be like by Twelfth Night?

You never know!

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