Monday, March 25, 2019

Prisoner of Prismacolor

I got these new Prismacolor pencils and could not put them down!

As I have written before I love keeping a bullet journal and have been doing that for several years. It is a way to wedge extra creativity into your life and it makes life look fun and not onerous. Even dentist appointments!

A good-looking BuJo, the hipster abbreviation for Bullet Journal, can help you get your life together in other ways too. I use mine to track projects and ideas and things and the colors make you happy as opposed to stressed out.

Enough excuses, I just could not put these pencils down, is the long and short of it. And so I jumped the gun on April and Easter. The butterflies on the tin got me thinking. I sort of borrowed them and then went from there.

I wish I could just keep going! I wish I could color this website with these Prismacolors.

But first things first. Is there anything more fun to color than Easter eggs? No.

What about Easter Yeggs?

That should be next year's theme!

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