Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Yeggs

Our friend Ryan said that the mention of yeggs made him think of just one thing:

Bugs Bunny and "Easter Yeggs"!

Hahahahaa! I looked up Bugs Bunny's "Easter Yeggs" and found this cartoon, this clip of it I mean. It is like nothing you would see now. Bugs is in a shoddy part of town. You see signs for "Dead End" and "City Dump." Then there is that mean kid sleeping in a crate.

The kid beats Bugs up! And there is this weird old 1930s looking sofa in the background.

I had never seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon before. This is my first one.

There will be more!

By the way my mother's crossword puzzle supremacy continued today. She was able to call the first name of some football coach I had never heard of.

"He was the coach for Notre Dame," she said.

I said, "Mom, how do you know these things?"

She said, "I read the sports pages."

Researching Leonard Pennario leaves me no time for researching football coaches, alas. But I hail my mother's victory.

She is rocking that rehab!

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