Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Journal angst

Zounds, I am getting a late start to the New Year!

Yesterday, and only yesterday, I got around to starting my 2017 Bullet Journal. BuJo, to use the hip abbreviation. I did a story last summer on bullet journals  -- actually the bigger story was this one -- and I actually have kept up the habit, since June. Right on schedule, my old journal ran out, and so it is time for the new.

And so I broke open a sketchbook I bought at Vidler's. I opened it up.

But darn, it is difficult to start a new journal!

Above is a painting of me holding pen in hand and wondering how I should start.

The old journal, it was a book I had bought at a garage sale. Faintly ruled, hard cover, I think I bought it thinking I would give it as a gift, but in the end I used it myself. No one else would have loved this book as much as I have over the last six months, I will tell you that.

But we were casual with each other, this notebook and I. I thought nothing of flipping a page and starting some new list or goal. "Ways in Which I Will Lose 10 Pounds In the Next Two Months." "Books I Need To Read Before the End of the Year." Yeah right as Leonard Pennario would say.

There was a lot in the old journal pertaining to Pennario. And a lot pertaining to church coffee hour. You would think I did nothing but write and bake. Oh wait, I do in fact do nothing but write and bake.

Anyway, the new journal. The paper is heavier. There are no rules. It seems to cry out for something more momentous.

Oh well. That will change. It will get used to tripe and drivel. That is what a journal is for! I will post some pages from it now and then, I was thinking. Other people post their journal pages and I love ogling them so it is time I contributed.

It is kind of exciting now that I think about it.

Welcome, 2017!

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