Friday, June 3, 2016

Cheers, big ears

How coincidental is this, yesterday I wrote about the Birthday Bunny and today I was in Allentown and met him in person. That is he pictured above!

It was in Black Cat Vintage on Allen Street. We like to walk there on the first Friday of the month when the stores and galleries are open and they give you beer and stuff. Click on the picture and you will see what an adorable store it is.

And what an adorable stuffed animal. So serious looking. So big.

Another shot showing its adorable outfit. Love the Elizabethan ruff!

It had a price tag that read $357. And just in case that was not out of your budget, another tag said, "NFS." Not for sale.

That is lucky. The house is already too crowded! Though it would be fun to have this thing greet me along with Jeoffry when I come home from work.

I could say to it, "Cheers, Big Ears!"

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