Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reagan and an elegant tradition

In honor of Nancy Reagan, who just passed away, let us admire how beautiful she looked in a mantilla greeting Pope John Paul II. She looks charming in that picture, you know? She always looked graceful but did not always look charming.

Just the other day, by coincidence, I read that women still have to wear a head covering when meeting the pope. It must only mean under formal circumstances.

Jackie Kennedy of course rocked the mantilla too. Hers is amazing.

I would love a long mantilla like that, should my friends wish to keep that in mind for when next Christmas rolls around.

Queen Elizabeth combines the look with one of her signature hats. Salve, Regina!

Here is Michelle Obama meeting Pope Francis. No mantilla! That is because it was an informal setting.

After all, she did put one on for Pope Benedict XVI, who seems to be appreciating how lovely she looks in it.

What is it about black mantillas that make a girl look like a supermodel? That is one reason I wear one to Mass.

Pennario had an audience with the pope and in this one picture. He is holding a rosary and talking to the pope. Very cool! And all the ladies in the family are wearing veils. Very, very cool.

There is this fascinating inside-Vatican story on dress codes should it transpire that you are about the meet the pope. All these pictures and I did not realize that you are not only supposed to wear a black veil, but a black dress as well. The only exception is if you are a Catholic queen or the wife of a king. Then you may wear a white veil and a white dress.

However that rule does not apply to the principalities of Monaco or Liechtenstein. Let us check to see if Princess Grace wore black to meet the pope. Ah! Sure enough.

That is Princess Stephanie in front. What a problem she grew up to be.

The ancient protocol surrounding meeting the pope is probably relaxing, if it has not already. However I hope not. It is so elegant.

We must revisit this subject soon!


Anonymous said...

Great blog on the Mantilla, Mary! As usual, you've peaked my interest about something I didn't know about. Thanks! Great tribute to Nancy as well.

Anonymous said...

Previous comment from Leith Chamberlain...just noticed it posted under my daughter's account!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Leith, so nice of you! I didn't know about a lot of what I wrote about either ... I mean, I learned it at the same time you did. Too funny about the exception for Monaco and Liechtenstein. I love esoteric rules regarding royalty.