Sunday, May 13, 2012

Veiled threat

Saturday whilst visiting estate sales I scored three mantillas! One is white lace, yay, because I did not have one of those and this is just in time for the summer Mass-going season. The others are black.

The first one I found, I held it up and I asked the estate sale attendant how much it was.

I said, "I am actually going to wear this to Mass. We wear veils at the church where I go."

She said, "They should never have gotten rid of that."

Then she gave me a very nice price.

I was thinking about what she said about they should never have gotten rid of that. I believe that everyone secretly wishes that head coverings for women at Mass were the law of the land. It gave us identity and class. I like wearing a veil at Mass because it is a reminder for me that something very sacred is going on.  It is not something normal or ordinary.

Also as I may have mentioned, it gives you that Floria Tosca look.

Leonard Pennario gave me a picture of himself and his family in Rome meeting the pope and the women are all wearing mantillas. I thought that was cool. Speaking of cool ... I read that mantillas are taking off among the young. I think I will give one to my niece Rosie for her Confirmation. There are discussions on the Internet among women yearning to wear veils to church but being afraid of clashing with modern custom. Here is one of those discussions. Ha, ha! One guy posts this picture...

... and writes: "Don't hold back. Go all out, be epic."

I love that picture! That will be me on my way to Mass one of these days! That site by the way has a wonderful name.

It is Phatmass!

And they have the Phatmass Phorums.


We should start a mantilla revolution. A group of us can fan out among estate sales and secure old mantillas. We will provide them free to people who promise to wear them to Mass. Especially modern Masses. Especially modern Masses.

Don't hold back.

Be epic!

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