Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A coupon coup

However hard you work on your various projects, it is tough to top the satisfaction you can get from a plain old trip to CVS, you know?

The other day I went to get allergy stuff I needed but detoured to the hair care aisle where I was able to land L'Oreal at, I don't know, 50 cents a bottle. I like L'Oreal so that was a nice score for me. L'Oreal's coupons are generous, plus the Magic Coupon Machine had spat out a coupon for $3 off if you spent $10 on L'Oreal.

Ain't too proud to clip coupons!

It is funny how when you bother to cut the coupons out of your Sunday paper, the more expensive brands suddenly become the cheapest.

Anyway ... satisfaction to start out the work week. And more money to spend for vintage press portraits of Leonard Pennario.

I am about those pictures the way I am about shampoo. You would think I have enough.

But I cannot pass up just a few more!

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