Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The evergreen dilemma

We are descending into the deep freeze and I am regretting taking down my Christmas tree. Today I went walking with my sister and many of the better houses still have their decorations up.

There were dozens of wreaths! Eventually I stopped counting. And the Pasta Peddler, a chic shop on Hertel still had its tree up, which I loved, and which I picture above. Yay, Pasta Peddler! Or Blackbird Sweets, or whatever you are. I know, in the traditional Roman Catholic calendar that I go by, it is already the season of Lent, which is what finally pushed me to take down my tree. But it is not Ash Wednesday yet. Surely a wreath or tree here or there is not entirely offensive.

Son of a sea cook, I acted in haste!

Admiring the wealthy people's wreaths, and that they still had them up,  I chalked it up to good taste. My sister who is more jaded than I am said: "Maybe they are all too busy making money to take them down."

No one is busier than the biographer of Leonard Pennario, particularly at this point in my project. Whatever the reason those wreaths are up, though, I am thinking, I am of a mind to put one up too. This year I never got around to it. Now could be the time. It ain't over till it's over as we like to say here in Buffalo.

Perhaps I will try to purchase a wreath.

By now, they're certainly marked down!

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