Monday, January 19, 2015

The hunger game

Remember my bento lunch box?

And my subsequent second lunch box? Hahaa... reading back on what I wrote, I started laughing about the idea of a Leonard Pennario lunch. I do appreciate my own humor, tailored specifically to me.

Anyway, good things come in threes and now I have a third lunch box. It was a Savers score and cost me $4. It looked spiffy and new and sure enough, when I got it home and investigated it more closely, its papers were still inside it. Probably it was a present. Or else someone bought it intending to pack lunch and gave up on the idea. Hardly anyone packs lunch, in my experience. That is a pity. It is a game that is fun to play. If you have to work today, which is Martin Luther King Day, you are not losing a day off. You are gaining an opportunity to pack lunch!

This new lunch box is, ahem, designed by Black and Blum, a British team. You have to watch that word "designed." Meaning, it is probably made in China. Oh well, I bought it second-hand.

Up above is a picture I found of it on Pinterest. Here is another picture. Mine is this color, lime green.

Here it is dissected.

It seems to retail at between $20 and $37, a rather wide range.

The whole lunch box is on the small side which cost it some criticism on sites where they review such things. I am not the only one who likes to eat a lot! But it has potential. I intend to find that potential.

No matter how many calories it takes!

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