Monday, December 22, 2014

'O my God, I am heartily sorry....'

The priest at Mass on Sunday, a Canadian priest from St. Catharines, explored in his sermon a fascinating topic. He talked about all the different versions of the Act of Contrition!

Remember when I blanked in the middle of the Act of Contrition? I was remembering that.

Anyway. I thought everyone's Act of Contrition was the same but it is not. I now understand they have different ones from place to place. And I loved how the priest described them.

He said that the Irish Act of Contrition is "flowery." It is elaborate and poetic the way the Irish can be, which is why they produced some of the world's greatest writers and poets. They have that musical language. On the other hand the Scottish Act of Contrition is economical the way you expect Scots to be.

I could not wait to get home so I could look up these Acts of Contrition.

Hmmm. I was not very successful at locating the flowery Irish Act of Contrition. And at this one Catholic church in the Scottish Highlands they list the Act of Confession we have here. Oh, but look! There is an alternate:

"O my God, because you are so good, I am very sorry that I have sinned against you, and with the help of your grace I will not sin again. Amen."

That pretty much sums it up! I wish my book on Leonard Pennario could be so concise.

Here is an idea.

I think we should just quote Richard Nixon and say: "Mistakes were made."

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