Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The yoga yo-yo

That is me! I am the yo-yo.

I have always been kind of conflicted about yoga but I find myself going because there are more yoga classes than Pilates classes. But here is what is funny: Whenever I find myself going something happens to make me wonder.

Remember the time my mother seemed to know, magically, that I was planning on buying yoga clothes and going to yoga? Today was like that.

I got into the car to go to yoga and the radio goes on and there was Mother Angelica...

... and she was talking about Eastern religions. She was joking around about how everyone is suggesting you do Buddhist this and Hindu that but oh, the Rosary, that is so old-fashioned. I started laughing because I got what she was saying. Then I caught my breath.

Oh, no! What about my yoga class??

It is uncanny, how this happens to me.

Obstinately I went to my class. And for a while everything is fine. Half way through the class, I am thinking, this is cool. The teacher is just droning on with her loud instructions, and there is no mention of this New Age gobbledygook. This is great! I can go with this.

And then, just as we are all balancing on one toe, or whatever,  the woman goes: "Set an intention for this practice."

Set an intention? I am in the gym, not in church!

My only intention is to look like a supermodel!

And it just went from there. Now I am thinking again that I have to stay away. I just cannot stand for this kind of thing. Once again, I am tied up in knots.

It is tough because I sort of enjoy yoga. That is not I in the picture above but take my word for it. I like to stretch myself this way and that. I think it dates to my love of playing Twister when I was a kid, plus working on my Pennario project I am used to stretching myself.

But you just cannot ignore these signs, you know?

All I can think is that my mother, being no longer around to supervise me in person, has somehow got Mother Angelica on my case.

How do they always know what is going on?

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