Saturday, September 6, 2014

The hep cat

Howard and I cannot get over the new tabby. We do not forget the old one but the orange one is unique and beautiful. And so entertaining! We have had it almost a week.

We love taking pictures of it like the one up above. That is the cat on top of the Steinway!

Here are the funniest things it has done so far. I will chronicle them the way I chronicle Pennario.

1. The cat jumped up on the bathroom sink while I was washing my face, and stuck its paw down the drain, like a plumber.

2.Whenever there is a door closed to it, the cat sticks a paw under the door. Then maybe he sticks two paws under. At the same time he has his head down to the floor so he can squint under the door with one eye.

This is unbelievable for people who are not prepared for it. They see this orange paw under the door and they say, "What is that??"

3. There are toys the cat likes. One of them is this bouncy little spring. The cat bats it and chases it up and down the stairs, doing somersaults and flipping around from its back to its belly. Once when it had the spring on level ground he suddenly abandoned it and went into his cat carrier. And he sat there.

And sat there.

He yawned.

Then in a split second he shot out of the cat carrier and pounced on the spring.

That is smart reasoning! The cat was thinking: The prey will think I have lost interest in it. It will think I am resting. It will let down its guard. But then I will pounce!

Which it did!

This is one smart creature.

Something tells me that this winter, I will not have to worry about mice.

It will look like this!

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