Friday, August 1, 2014

The last Ladies' Home Journal

It is fun to have an excuse to read magazines. And so when I was at the chiro I picked up the new issue of Ladies' Home Journal that was lying around, and when they told me I could go into the chiro room and lie down, I took the magazine with me. God forbid I have two minutes, you know, without something to read. I opened it up and --

Oh, no!

Another one bites the dust!

They had a page titled "Portrait of a Lady" and it was all about how Ladies' Home Journal was ceasing publication after 133 years.

And I felt bad. I love these old magazines, their quaint titles. We have lost Redbook and I forget what other ones, and now we are losing sweet Ladies' Home Journal. I feel guilty too because it was not as if I read it or subscribed. Magazines like Ladies' Home Journal are not exactly my bag. Not smart enough for me, I want to say, although I should hesitate before being so arrogant. Because I have to admit, I have a lot to learn in the home department.


Reviewing the situation I see there are a few bright sides to the situation.

One, fewer magazines means fewer distractions as I strive to tie up my writing on Leonard Pennario.

Two, it does appear that Redbook has an online presence so the name lives on. I believe Ladies' Home Journal is going to do the same thing. At least we get to keep the names.

And finally ... excuse to take out more magazine subscriptions! Someone has to support these magazines, right? I do not know if I can justify Good Housekeeping. It is kind of like Ladies' Home Journal, not my speed. But perhaps Better Homes and Gardens. There is another title I love. I remember my mother getting Better Homes when I was little.

I got Better Homes for a few years because they drop the price so low you cannot resist it. Last time they sent me that almost-too-good-to-refuse offer, I stood firm. I heard in my head the voice of my friend Melinda: It's clutter. It's all clutter.

Now I have an excuse to say yes.

Next time, I will!

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