Saturday, June 7, 2014

The record I couldn't resist

Pursuant to the purchase of my new chair, and weeding out my vinyl, I am reluctant to buy new records. I have so many and no time in which to listen to them.

However the other day I could not resist a Beethoven Ninth.

Bruno Walter is conducting it and the baritone is Mack Harrell. Mack Harrell is the father of the cellist Lynn Harrell who has been so nice to me about the Pennario book. This Beethoven Ninth must be heard! It is amazing the people who are forgotten who do not deserve to be forgotten and Mack Harrell is one. I bet he is a fantastic singer.

Back to my vinyl weeding. It is amazing what a little clean-up can do. I love going out to my sun room and not having it so messy. I love just sitting there and admiring it.

And I have to say when I am out looking at records it is hard to resist some of them. I tried to declare a moratorium on them, aside from Pennario records, of course, but they do not turn up as often as you would think, considering how popular he was.

Howard says, there is not much that can beat just having space. He might be right.

But still.

I will always have room for records!

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