Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yellow Bird

It is fun being up early and hearing all the birds. The sky lightens and the birds sing.

Most recently I heard the chirping of a new bird I did not recall noticing before. It was a kind of sweet warbling. Hahahaa... That makes me think of this editor I worked with once, Rick. Rick Stanley. Whenever we were writing that someone sang we would write that he or she "warbled." Then we would sit there and laugh.

Anyway. This bird was warbling. And I am wondering: What bird is this?

It sounded so loud!

So for the first time I thought: Maybe I can see the bird! It was almost a joke. I can never see the bird. I left Leonard Pennario for a moment and I turned to the window.

And there it was! Sitting on a branch.

This fat little yellow bird!

It was a pale yellow but at the same time bright. I could not believe I saw it. I did not expect to see the bird and also I did not expect it to be yellow.

I did some research and I do believe it was a goldfinch. Apparently goldfinch are common but I never remember being aware of them before. But the song sounded close to what I heard.

It was easier than identifying St. Luke!

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