Monday, April 21, 2014

Forward into Dyngus Day

One of the many things that make Easter a great day is that you are finally out of the tunnel. Lent is over! And Lent always gets you one way or another. There is psychological stress and then that strange silence over Good Friday and even, to a lesser degree, Holy Saturday.

On Easter it is as if you finally exhale.

Our morning Mass was not very crowded, for a variety of inside-baseball reasons that will have to wait for another day. Usually we get a pretty good crowd! But on Easter I could not have cared less how many people were there. I was just joyful! 

Not only that but it was a beautiful day, not like the last few Easters, which were cold and rainy. And so before Mass I performed the ceremonial cutting of the tags on the magnificent Calvin Klein dress I scored at Goodwill, tags still attached, for $6.

I am always reluctant to cut these tags off but if not now, when?

Dominic in our Tridentine Mass choir is from Nigeria and he celebrated by wearing festive traditional Nigerian dress.

A few good men (in the Tridentine Mass choir). This candid shot gives you kind of a view of beautiful St. Anthony of Padua Church where Leonard Pennario was baptized.

Easter dinner with the family was great fun plus I cleaned up my house and the paper ran a story I got to write about the Broadway Market

Now it is time to get ready for a new day ...Dyngus Day! That's right: We have not yet begun to eat! 

The big question is, sort of like yesterday: What to wear?  No Calvin Klein dress today! Whatever I choose it had better be washable.

I cannot imagine it will be as wild as that other Dyngus Day.

But you never know!

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