Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back in hot water

Yikes, remember what we talked about last time, about how some people, ain't nothing on their desk, ain't nothing in their head either?

That is what I must look like! Here I cleaned my desk And then I wrote nothing for days.

Well, I wrote stuff. I did a lot of work on Pennario. But then there were a bunch of complications including Internet problems. (Admittedly that did not hurt the book.) And on Friday the hot water heater blew! See, this is what happens when you make any kind of weak attempt to impose any kind of order. The house rebels. It is like when you go on a diet and your body rebels.

The body wants its weight! And the house wants its clutter and chaos.

End result, to use our Buffalo phrase, I have been living like a Frenchwoman not washing my hair. It looks OK but it is a strange feeling. The French can carry this off but I cannot. We are used to washing our hair every day here in America, we just are. I remember years ago reading that Farrah Fawcett would wash her hair twice every day. "I like really clean hair," she said.

It is so funny how you are used to hot water and never think about it. You are just so used to turning this one faucet and not another. Three days into this and I was still turning the wrong faucet and all I would get was this gurgle.

Yesterday the guy from Zenner and Ritter came over and put in a new hot water heater. This being Buffalo we talked, and he turned out to be this wonderful guy who loves winter and loves his work and goes skiing and ice fishing. But you know what, they could have sent the Swamp Thing into my house and as long as he fixed this heater he would have been like this prince.

The process took hours but it was worth it. Now the hot water heater is fixed and every time I turn on a faucet there is all kinds of drama. Once it gave a big bang. Another time there was nothing and then there was this mighty rush and water came spewing out. Then I ran the water from another faucet and it was yellow and had to clear up.

I knew the shower would be a grand adventure and sure enough! Gurgle ... spew! Gurgle ... cascade!

Welcome back, hot water!

You don't miss that hot water till your well run dry.

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