Sunday, December 8, 2013

We air our dirty linen in public

One of these days I have to learn to do laundry the way Howard does laundry. The other day he did something unbelievable. He threw a pound of butter into the laundry along with his clothes!

And the clothes came out fine! The only thing that happened was that he found the butter box and all four of the wrappers the sticks had been wrapped in.

Me, if I threw a pound of butter into the laundry it would be a disaster.

It is not fair because yesterday, I did laundry, and in my haste to get back to my Pennario discography I failed to check all the pockets because a Kleenex got into the mix.

One Kleenex, and you would not believe the mess. The tights I was trying to wash, forget it. They are covered with lint! Anything black was hopeless.

The fie-ness and unfairness of it! Howard can wash clothes with a whole pound of butter thrown in and I forget one Kleenex, just one Kleenex, and, disaster.

Appliances understand Howard. His bread machines treat him better than my bread machine treats me. Coffee percolators like him better. Now it seems he has that gift of communicating with washing machines as well.

His laundry comes out great and look at mine.

It's a wash!


Unknown said...

Oh, Howard, what a tragic waste of butter.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Monica, that's exactly what I told Howard!! I said, couldn't you have thrown in something cheap?