Saturday, November 16, 2013

The stalker

Howard and I were in West Seneca this week where we passed Fourteen Holy Helpers and stopped in the Market in the Square in Southgate Plaza. I must have been there before but I could not remember it.

Haha... my computer is questioning the word "Southgate." It has it underlined in red. That is one way you can tell your computer was not made in Buffalo. The Southgate Plaza has been around since 1955. The same year that Leonard Pennario recorded "Concertos Under the Stars"! A most excellent year.

Here is a picture of me being a happy camper in the produce department.

Howard put that picture of me up on Facebook and it is funny how many of our friends thought I was buying food for Thanksgiving or some other big feast.

"Why do they think that?" That is what I said to Howard.

He said, "No one goes into a store and buys a huge stalk of celery."

Well, how else do you buy celery? That is just how I shop!

I buy a lot of food. We burn through it, too. If you look closely at my cart you will perceive a 10-pound bag of onions. They were cheaper than at the Clinton-Bailey Market.

Barely visible in the blurry foreground is a pile of cabbages as big as basketballs. That is where I am heading with my cart!

I like the Market in the Square. I can't remember going there before but I will be back.

It thinks big the way I do!

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