Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday at the park with George

What a cold, chilly Monday! Exacerbated by me running around downtown here and there. What an adventure that was!

Downtown if it is raining you really cannot go anywhere or you just get soaked. It is just so windy that umbrellas do no good. All day strangers were talking to each other, commiserating. One gentleman carrying a bike helmet said to me, "This is unbelievable!"

It was funny, on Sunday people were saying the same thing only it was beach weather.

"This is unbelievable!" they were saying.

It was beach weather and so I went swimming at Beaver Island. I went with my brother George and his kids. Leonard Pennario would understand my taking a break in my work. He loved the beach.

From time to time Sunday someone would pass us on the beach. We saw a couple walking their dog, a woman throwing sticks for her retriever, a couple with a few kids. Everyone acted in a kind of daze. They would look at us and say, "Isn't this unbelievable? So warm! So beautiful!"

I was thinking, I would not be surprised to find these people were ghosts. The whole day was so surreal. Swimming in October. How often do you get to do that, I mean in Buffalo?

That is my niece Barbara up above. The first time we went into the water, the water was cold and she was completely cracking me up. She was in that big baggy swimsuit she is wearing in the picture and she put on these hilarious swim goggles and made a big show of wading pompously into the water, making faces and yelling about how cold it was. The kids are so funny!

Here is George Andrew in the sand.

We made a volcano and a turtle and a starfish and a whale. Our Barbara is such a ham!

My brother George grilled and we dined al fresco in the beautiful surroundings.

Ha, ha! That drink in the glass is not wine! It is Fit & Active grape drink from Albrecht Discount. We were all drinking it and it looked as if we were drinking wine. Little George took a glass on the beach and he was strolling around sipping it and he looked so suave, you would have thought it was wine. I was waiting for them to call Child Protection Services.

Anyway, a beautiful Sunday. Today was a whole different ball game.

What a difference a day makes!

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