Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hark, hark, the Quark

I have a couple more classic Albrecht Discount brand names.

One, Freshire Farms.


And another, Fit & Active.

It makes us all sound as if we are 150 years old! I made dinner for my mom today and served her Fit & Active applesauce. She thought it was funny too.

Speaking of Fit & Active is anyone else going to make Quark? There is a story about Quark in today's paper. 

I think I will try it.

Quark too has a great brand name although I do not know if it is from Aldi.

It is Onken!

It made me laugh to read about it because I have not run across that word, Quark, for a long time. I was an exchange student in Dortmund, Germany, when I first encountered it. At breakfast, with berries and rolls and whatever else.

I was in the dark about Quark and later that day when I got together with my fellow Americans, I mentioned it.

"Has anyone else run into this Quark?" I asked.

I always remember one guy responding: "I won't go near it."

Neither would I!

Unlike Pennario who, he loved Germany and I am sure when he was there he ate Quark, no problem. It is funny, I am usually not a picky eater but this Quark, I stayed away. I did not eat yogurt either back then, however, or sour cream. So there may be hope for me now.

I might find a spark for the Quark!

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