Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stalking the little green sprout

Today I went back to the chiro. Wow, I have written about the chiro a lot. I just checked.

I had forgotten I had been going to the chiro since before I met Leonard Pennario!

There was the time when I worried about upsetting my adjustment

And my mother considering going with me to the chiro.  Hahaha! That never happened.

Anyway, my life with the chiro. I have gotten behind with things and I always feel very healthy and holistic when I go. Immediately at the chiro I think I am goofing everything. There is a big sign up saying all the unhealthy things like Latex Rubber and Lead that are in your flu shot. I just got a flu shot last week!

There is the usual pushing behind the ear.

But then I felt better. Everything felt better. I felt I deserved a treat. It is funny, some days I just decide that. So on the way back to the office I stopped at one of the few stands open weekdays at the Clinton Bailey Market and I bought Brussels sprouts.

They were still on their big stalk! I stuck the stalk in the trunk and went back to work happy.

Then I went to Parish Council meeting and I got home late. The Brussels sprouts presented a big problem, now that I thought about it, sprouting up in the middle of the day. I had Parish Council meeting tonight and did not get home till later and there they were, still needing to be pinched off this big stalk. I had to pinch them off and wash them and cut them in half.

Finally I had to roast them. There was only one way I wanted this stalk of Brussels sprouts, the first sprouts of the season, and that was roasted. You stick them in a 400 degree oven for half an hour, 45 minutes.

The Brussels sprouts totally flew in the face of the dinner I had been planning. But you got to grab 'em, you know, when you see 'em. When they sprout up!

I caramelized them ...

... and they were in the oven an hour or something.

End result: We ate about 10 p.m.  Schleppy me, you know? I should write for Bad Housekeeping magazine.

Oh well.

Great art takes time!

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