Saturday, October 26, 2013

Looking for a Chateau

What a perfect day today to go to the Clinton Bailey Market! You want a day that is windy and full of cold rain. That way there is less competition for seconds peppers and apples, which is what I scored this morning.

But brrrrr! Here it is 40 degrees and rainy and I am running around in Zumba pants and a tank top and Leonard's Del Mar sweatshirt. The first chilly day always takes me by surprise and I was woefully under-dressed.

Solution: Buy hard cider. We went to this warm and wonderful hot cider shop, Chateau Buffalo, in the historic food brokerage buildings across Clinton Street from the Clinton Bailey Market. That is it up above! Here is another shot that shows its industrial look.

They have Polka hard cider. It is hard to see but that is it in the middle.

Hard cider is hip and so now that I have purchased some I am hip.

I will tell you though, I wish I could have cracked open that bottle right there! Because my friend Lynn and I were just running around the market grabbing anything. We were too cold to haggle or comparison shop. I paid $6 for a 10-pound bag of onions, what is the world coming to?

Freezing as I was I also managed to grab up a Savoy cabbage, a cauliflower, Concord grapes, a jar of honey and I forget what else.

At least I got the good deals on the peppers and apples before my lips began turning blue and I had to head for the car. It was great to get home! We are getting into that wonderful time of the year when people want to be inside, in your home or someone else's home, or in restaurants or taverns or concert halls or coffee houses. Playing the piano or cooking or drinking wine or listening to music or writing books. 

Or all of the above.

It is fun while it lasts!

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