Monday, September 23, 2013

Russian pianist plays homage to Pennario

This brightens my Monday! I just found this cool video of a Russian pianist playing one of the virtuosic transcriptions that Leonard Pennario wrote, the Emperor Waltz. In German it is the Kaiser-Walzer and that was how Pennario referred to the music. He knew a lot of languages and did not like to pass up the chance to use them.

Haha, my YouTube is so screwed up. I have been so busy doing these things for work. Friday I went to hear the Philharmonic play Queen and last night I Tweeted about the Emmy Awards. So YouTube does not know if it is coming or going! It is throwing all these videos at me: "Mad Men," Queen's Live Aid concert, and Barbara Bonney singing Mozart's "An Chloe." Hmm, I might listen to that last one.

Back to the Kaiser-Walzer. Pennario would appreciate how this Russian guy handles this piece. He has a real Romantic sweep, this guy does. You can tell he has been doing some serious listening to Pennario and how he approached these showpieces. I am always listening to Pennario playing some light number and contrasting it with how other pianists play it. Too often people don't get that romantic edge.

Haha.. love how the Russian, Andrey Stukalov, nails that extravagant ending! You go!

Here is Pennario playing. With the vinyl and everything it just tugs at your heart. I am glad other people feel this too. It is always great to find a pianist paying him tribute.

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