Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snail mail

I gave into temptation.

They dropped the price so low... so low ... that I had no choice but to resubscribe to Eating Well magazine.

Remember Eating Well?

I like the recipes but I wish there were more of them and less lecturing about sustainable this and eco-friendly that. I do not like lectures with my meals.

On the other hand...

I just love food magazines.

I love coming home and finding them in my mailbox. I do not care what my wise friend Melinda says: "They're just clutter." Indeed they are. And yet... and yet ...

I use them! Actually now that I think of it, I use a lot of the clutter in my home.

And anyway, it doesn't matter. Because it will be something like six weeks before I get my next issue anyway.

At least that wait will not be nearly as bad as this Leonard Pennario recital I bought and paid for and now I have to wait, wait, wait. They said four to six weeks and believe me, they will make sure you wait that time.

I am dying to hear this recital because I need to hear Pennario playing this one Schubert sonata. I am obsessed with hearing it. Every day I wake up and think: Today will be the day! And it is not.

It is like being a kid and ordering those sea horses. You would haunt the mailbox while your parents said, "What are you looking for?"

"Nothing." As you turn away, disappointed and wretched, because your sea horses ...

... are not there.

One good thing about this book I am working on.

I discover my inner 10-year-old!

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