Thursday, July 4, 2013

My fabulous Fourth

Today to celebrate Independence Day I went to Kmart because Kmart is what America is all about. I bought noise-canceling headphones so I will be able to work on my Pennario book come hell or high water.

The headphones are by Sony. They were reduced to $30. And I am telling you, they are worth every penny.

My neighbors' loud party was totally blocked out!

I did not even have to play Pennario playing Liszt or anything. I put on my Sleepmaker App and played birds and crickets. Quietly! And still, they blotted out the noise.

I got work done!

Thank you, Kmart!

They had some maxi dresses too at Kmart which, I tried a couple of them on, because I like this maxidress fad, and because this is America. Alas, although they fit OK, they just were not quite right. That is the trouble with clothes from a store like Kmart. Sometimes things just do not look good and you can not put your finger on why.

However, these headphones.

Thanks to them I can now work on my book independent of what is going on in the world around me!

I will have to thank Kmart in my acknowledgments, along with Kendall Jackson and Red Zinger Tea and Shur-Fine Diet White Birch Beer.

It is Independence Day!

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