Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Comic Abandon

It was my birthday recently and my sister gave me as a present the book "Theories of Everything" by Roz Chast. She is a cartoonist I remember from back when I used to read the New Yorker.

It is amazing the cartoons you remember from back whenever! There was this one cartoon I had from the New Yorker, that I had saved, and Leonard Pennario had saved it too. "I thought it was funny," he said. Ha, ha! I was thinking about Pennario because today is his birthday.

The cartoon he had saved was not by Roz Chast. But a lot of hilarious cartoons are. This one cartoon in the book just has me laughing and laughing.

It is "The Party After You Left."

I was laughing and telling my friends about it and then, duh, naturally it ends up that this cartoon is famous, it was on the cover of a book, you can buy snobby art prints of it for $150, etc. Everything always has to be huge, you know? It can't be just some funny cartoon. Here I was thinking it was just another of a million cartoons in this book and I had discovered it.


Oh well.

Click on the cartoon to blow it up. It really is funny!

And probably true.

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