Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Steinway Hall Welcomes Pennario Biographer

Another thing I did in New York before my bug descended was go to Steinway Hall and meet with Steinway and Sons about Leonard Pennario who was an esteemed Steinway artist. I went there after going to Mass and confession at Leonard's church, St. Paul the Apostle.

Steinway rolled out the red carpet for the Leonard Pennario biographer!

I was there for something like two hours! Plus they let me and my friend Lizzie tour the basement and everything. That is where the great concert artists such as Pennario go to select their concert grands.

But yikes, my hair was so frizzy. I am looking at the picture above and wringing my hands. When I was in New York I was out in the rain something like three days in a row, zut alors. One reason I came down with the plague. There I am in this picture, unaware that this cold was mutating inside my body, thinking of nothing but Leonard Pennario and his history with Steinway, la la la la la la la.

To the right of me is the one, the only, the great Irene Wlodarski, the National Coordinator of the Concerts and Artists Department. She remembered Pennario personally and she recognizes his greatness, a most excellent and erudite thing in a person.

Ms. Wlodarski was nice and even allowed me to bitch when I walked into the main atrium of Steinway Hall and sniffed at the big portrait of Billy Joel.

"Leonard should be there instead," I informed her.

She showed me through the Leonard Pennario file which was fat and not skinny as I had expected. There were a lot of papers! And we talked about how we might collaborate in the future.

It is good to be the Leonard Pennario biographer.

Doors open for you!

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