Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dawn of the dead

This year, 2013, is going to be my year! With which, I am on a new regimen of getting up very early.

The only problem with that is: Boy am I sleepy!

It is around 7 a.m. as I write this and you should see what an achievement it is for me just to type a sentence! But I believe in a few more days I will be comfortable in my new routine. I have no choice, you know? If I am going to get this Pennario project wrapped up I have to make time for it somehow.

Plus great people have gotten up early and that is how they get things done. I always think of that famous letter Mozart wrote, describing his routine. "My hair is always done by six o'clock, and by seven I am fully dressed." Hahahaa! I have some time to go before I can say that.

Meanwhile, because the first days are the hardest days, I have this little morning routine.

No. 1, get the coffee going.

While the coffee maker is doing its thing, I do a half hour of Pilates.It is a good way to wake up. Before the coffee is done you do not get a lot of work accomplished anyway, you know? May as well do a few roll-ups.

Also these Pilates videos on YouTube crack me up.

They get these British ladies and the way they talk is so funny. "My name is Angela and this is Nina. ... So let's get going. Slide your feet a couple of inches from your butt." The word "butt" sounds funny in those aristocratic tones.

This was the video I did this morning.


I liked the sunlight in the video and the bird calls. It is worth it just for that!

Also I watch the video on my little mini iPhone screen so that is another amusing thing. You are in your pajamas doing these crunches and whatever and you are holding this little phone over you looking up at it.

Hilarious times we live in!

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