Monday, February 4, 2013


I am lucky to have hip friends and they have been alerting me to the new bells at Notre Dame in Paris.

My friend Prof. G posted the above picture to my Facebook page. My friend Daryle posted this pic:

And the best picture, from Notre Dame's Facebook page.... the bells coming down the boulevard!

If this were in Buffalo they would be going past my house.

We must live on a heavy equipment route because all kinds of big things that looks as if they came from some Soviet factory are always being hauled down our street, with escorts with flashing lights. I could completely picture those bells passing my house.

People writing about the bells get a kick out of that the biggest one is named Mary. It's funny, I remember when I didn't realize either that it is perfectly normal for bells to have names. Once I wrote a story in The Buffalo News about the bells at St. Ann's. The biggest is St. Ann and the second biggest is St. Joachim. The littlest bell, I remember, is the Angel of God. I thought that was wild!

Our bells at St. Anthony's in downtown Buffalo are St. Emmerich and St. Stephen. There should be a St. Leonard, in honor of Pennario! I will have to get to that.

There is a sad footnote in the story of the bells of Notre Dame. The cathedral lost its original bells in the French Revolution. They were all hauled down and broken.  It is chilling to think about that French Revolution. Awful, unspeakable. Well, do not get me started on that.

What about Bells Supermarket?

From Forgotten Buffalo's Web site...

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