Monday, January 7, 2013

Howard, before and after

Wow, did I ever fall off the Web log wagon!

And this being a New Year in which I was going to up my Web logging, it being therapeutic and all.

At least I have been preoccupied with weighty matters. Howard had to go into Urgent Care yesterday for this nosebleed he has had off and on, mostly on, for the last week and a half. Leonard Pennario had a nosebleed too, by the way, at intermission during a recital he gave in Chicago about 50 years ago. So in a way this Urgent Care trip was research for my book.

I loved the doctor at Urgent Care because he used the word "schnozzolla."

To commemorate the event I took Howard's picture up above.

Then his friends got at it on Facebook.

First someone gave him a more formal face and gave him his customary tie.

At press time he looked like this!

HAHAHAAA! The pictures threatened Howard's newly fragile nose.

He wrote on Facebook, "Don't make me laugh or sneeze."

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