Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The gifts that keep on giving

This Christmas I am happy that my presents were hits!

It is funny, when you nail this on the head, that is when you realize that the cliche is true and giving really is more fun than receiving. I am just proud of myself! I kept thinking about it today.

Howard liked the Honey Bourbon I gave him ...

... with the ice shot glass molds. We have already made three rounds of ice shot glasses and there are two more in the freezer as I speak.

My niece Rosie liked this craft book I got her that, the front cover quoted Amy Sedaris saying how great this book is. Rosie said two days before Christmas that she was a David Sedaris fan and I could not believe my luck.

My brother-in-law David loved the book Howard and I gave him about growing fruit. And perhaps there will be some fruit for us to eat because of it!

My sister Katie loved the metal mixing bowls I gave her. She was talking the other day when we did the Christmas baking about how she wished she had metal nesting mixing bowls. And voila! I had a set I was not using. Well, I was using them, because I like them, but I have other mixing bowls.

At Christmas it was so cool, there were these mixing bowls, being used for a million different things. They were even brought to the table as serving dishes!


Now it is back to my book.

I hope I am as good at that as I was at Christmas presents!

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