Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Hoowa Christmas

Gloating over my gifts yesterday I did not mention what I got for my brother George.

I went to the Hoowa Supermarket! And I picked up a bunch of bottles and cans of stuff. That is what George loves. In return he and my sister-in-law, Nat, gave Howard and me for Christmas what we love, a subscription to Mad magazine.

Every time I go to the Hoowa I feel I do not go nearly enough. You walk in and the first thing you see is this wall of ceramic pigs. Next there is this wall of fish tanks, huge tanks with lobster and crab and creatures I do not recognize. I wanted to take pictures of the Hoowa but the staff was all watching and I did not want to explain what I was up to. Imagine explaining the Leonard Pennario Web log. So I borrowed the above picture from Buffalo Chow. Next time I will try to take my own.

Anyway, I went happily through the store picking up this and that. Not too carefully. It is all good!

At checkout the Hoowa staff was taciturn as always. It was freezing in there and they all wore coats.

Hahaa... this is funny, the other time I talked about going to the Hoowa it was 90 degrees and they were all fanning themselves!

I startled myself by speaking up.

"I am getting all this stuff for my brother for Christmas," I announced, slowly and distinctly because at the Hoowa you can never be sure of their English. "Every year this is what I get him."

And they all perked up! And started laughing.

"He loves Asian food," as I said. "Every year I come here and this is what I buy him, just anything -- sauces, cans of spices."

Now they are all gathered around and everyone is in a great mood.

The Hoowa Supermarket, you cannot beat it.

It is your headquarters for Christmas spirit!

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