Monday, December 10, 2012

Pilates princess

Today I went to Pilates class at the Colvin Buffalo Athletic Club. Above is a picture of me on a Pilates machine!

OK, I am just kidding. That is a person on a Pilates machine but it is not me. I just wanted to grab people's attention. Wow... imagine doing that exercise! I do not know where to begin to ask questions. How do you get up there, hanging upside down like that? What is that next to her, a trapeze?

I just do plain mat Pilates. That is enough for me!

And this class, I am always a little late for it. It is funny because when you walk in late, you have to thread your way among all these people on mats flailing this way and that. You just have to walk through smiling broadly and not being embarrassed. You grab your mat and you join them.

The rest of the gym was pounding. The gym plays the most awful music. Eventually I will have to quit the gym because of that. I mean, I just cannot stand it.

But in Pilates class we got to listen to Tony Bennett singing standards.

It was like heaven!

Only Pennario playing the piano would have been better.

You could hear this dull pounding outside the door. That was the rest of the gym. And this was funny too: In the middle of class, Tony Bennett was singing "The Sunny Side of the Street" and we were all doing the Corkscrew, which is excruciating, and suddenly there was this clattering and twanging.

It was someone's cell phone going off!

Finally the teacher goes, "Is that someone's phone?"

A few people helpfully spoke up and said it was, and the person was no longer here.

"They left?" the teacher asked.

Then she said: "Haha, that's probably them calling their phone now."

She said: "That's what happens when you leave my class."

I didn't leave! I sweated it out. It's funny, I wrote how massages do not affect me. A Pilates class or a Zumba class does! After it I feel good.

Hahaa... I just found this cartoon on the 'Net.

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