Monday, October 29, 2012

How to get to the gym without really trying

Today after work I surprised myself by going to the gym.

I was at the office until after 6. The winds and rains were lashing this way and thought. I thought of going home. I wanted to go home. There was a chicken I wanted to roast. My chicken had come home to roost and I wanted to also!

But I managed to make it to the gym! Here is the secret.

You drive in the general direction.

I read that somewhere. Drive toward the gym. Tell yourself, When you get there, you do not have to go. You can continue on home.

When you get to the vicinity of the gym odds are that you will stop.

That is what I did! I got there, the parking garage was there, and I thought, it really wasn't raining that hard. I wasn't really that hungry. I could go for another hour on what I had eaten before. I could listen to Leonard Pennario on the treadmill if need be.

So there I am. At the gym.

Don't worry.

Those calories I burned, I made up for them.

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