Friday, October 19, 2012

Handyman, the musical

 After yesterday's post all I could think of was this song.

Have to post it, just have to. It is not Leonard Pennario but still.

I had this record back when I lived in my old apartment on West Delavan. We would have parties and when it got really late someone would find "Amtrak Blues" -- that is this album -- and play it, and everyone would get up and start dancing.

"Honey, it's amazing the way he handles my machine."

Too funny!

Our friends Connie and George met because of Alberta Hunter. George was the pianist when the Alberta Hunter show came to town to play at Studio Arena. They had an actress portraying Alberta Hunter and being the office Alberta Hunter fan, I interviewed her.

Connie was doing P.R. for Studio Arena and she and George met and their first date was at our house. They came here after the show one night.

Dear Alberta Hunter.

I bet she would love that story!

Here was another song I loved from "Amtrak Blues."

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Jerry said...

I saw Alberta Hunter just a couple years before she died. Incredible, memorable performance!