Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going to pot

I did the worst thing. I went and cooked the one thing that I should never have in the house. The thing that is to me what I understand crack cocaine is to other people.

It is split pea soup!

I am scarfing it down right now.

There is something about split pea soup that I am powerless against. I will not stop eating it until it is gone. And this time I made a double batch. Two bags of split peas went into the supersized crock pot.

For the last couple of years I have been good about steering clear of split pea soup. I know it is good for you and everything, but not if you eat two pots' worth of it. What made me fall off the wagon this time was the ham I bought last week at Albrecht Discount. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Now the situation is hopeless. I have a couple of gallons of this stuff. I could open a restaurant. I am going to bring some of it over to my mom if it survives that long, a big if. But my mom is getting funny about foods and she is not sure she likes split pea soup any more. You know what that means. Back to me!

No therapy can stop me from eating this stuff. You can go ahead and tell me it looks gross. It doesn't bother me. Hahaha... a while ago we talked about how Internet folks should leave the food photography to the pros. Split pea soup always comes out awful in photographs!

Yuch! Yuch!


It is dangerous and irresistible stuff.

On top of everything else it is so easy to make. You take a Crock Pot and dump in the splits. Then you add the ham bone (optional). If you do not have ham I make vegetarian split pea soup with carrots. It is just as yummy!

Then you chop up an onion and add that. Then cover it all with water, plug it in and go. I used to make it in California while I was there with Pennario. That and Pennario's ice cream sundaes were two big reasons I lost not one pound despite living the California life style.

Oh well. When this pot is done, no more.

No more!

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