Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walk the walk

This evening my mom wanted to go for a walk after dinner and of course I said yes. I love to walk. I am like a puppy dog.

Speaking of puppy dogs the person who is really like one is my nephew George Andrew who is, I don't know, 4.

Georgie wanted to go for the walk with us and his dad let him. The first thing he did was run, run, run down the sidewalk in front of us. When he got to the corner he ran up a neighbor's pathway and out the other side.

He was so free! Whenever he ran past trees he would take some instrument in his hand, a spoon or something, and knock it against the tree trunk. Once he began climbing up a tree.

Another time he ran up to a patch of grass by the curb and started digging in it with the spoon, or whatever that was.

Ha, ha! Just like a puppy!

My mom and I were thinking he reminded us of Christopher Robin.

Wow, Christopher Robin was born in 1920, making him four years older than Leonard Pennario. I always thought Christopher Robin was much older. I thought he belonged to the Victorian Age.

Georgie looks kind of like him, minus the girlish smock. He is about the right age and he has this kind of bowl haircut. Really cute.

I think I will have to get him a bear.

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