Wednesday, September 12, 2012

India ink

My mom and I went to the movies and we saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." We saw it at Movieland 8. Admission is usually $4 but Wednesday is cheap night so it was $2.

I watched the preview on YouTube ...

... and thought it looked like a riot and that my mother would recognize half the English actors and actresses.

Which she did, but that was about all she recognized about it.

"It was nice to look at," she said afterward. "But I couldn't follow anything that was going on."

Then she said: "Where did it take place, India?"

Uh, yes!

Ahem, was someone, er, snoozing?

I can actually see it being the kind of movie where your mind might wander. There have been movies where I just cannot focus and I let go and let my mind wander.

I am not exactly proud of it but I hardly ever go to movies any more. About 10 years ago (yikes), when Howard and I were in that halcyon time of dating before getting married, we used to go to movies on Sunday nights. So we saw all kinds of crud, in addition to occasional good stuff. Anyway I was up on my movies back then.

Then with Leonard Pennario in California I used to go to the movies a couple times a week. Same thing, we saw a lot of garbage, and a few good things.

A lot of the movies now are, I am sorry, just not very good. Even this one was not that great. I would call it pretty good. That is a terrible title by the way, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." It is too long and cumbersome and hard to remember.

At the end of it they threw all these philosophies at you. Things like, "All you know about the future is that it will be different." Folksy little yoga-like sayings like that.

Then they said: "And everything always comes out well in the end. And if it does not come out well..."

Here my mother came to life and hissed to me: "It's not the end!"

She was right! That was how it ended!

Anyway, cute movie I guess, and it is always fun to watch Judi Dench dealing with life and loss and whatever. And, as my mother said, it was fun to look at. It made me want to buy Indian skirts and bedspreads. And cook curry! And kedgeree!

Plus, as my mother also said, if you are going to see India, this is the way to see it.

From a comfy seat in the Movieland 8!

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