Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walk the walk

Yesterday I kept making everyone walk.

I need to take walks. It is hard-wired into me. And I am in good company because many of the world's greatest musicians were also great walkers.

I like to listen to music when I walk. There is Leonard Pennario loaded into my iPhone for just that purpose. But it takes some fussing to get to it and I do not like to burn out on this wonderful music. So sometimes I just walk. It relaxes me and it helps me sort out my thoughts.

Plus yesterday I was counting my steps and because I had no time to get to the gym, I had to make it to 10,000. So at lunchtime I walked with my friend Lynn. She is the wife of the friend who died this week. We had lunch and then we walked to the lighthouse downtown and burned off what we ate. That was 5,000 steps knocked off!

After dinner later I needed another 1,000 steps so I made my mother walk with me. My mother is like me and likes to walk so there was no problem there. And the evening was so beautiful with the warm wind.

I still was not through! When I got back home I made Howard walk with me. We circled around to Hertel Avenue and back. That is a habit I hope to get into, walking around on summer nights. There are plenty of places you can stop for a glass of wine if you are so inclined. And as Howard said, it feels like summer.

Anyway I topped off yesterday with something like 14,000 steps.

It is therapeutic!

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