Saturday, July 21, 2012

Look up! Look up!

Not to continue on my funereal slant but this was just too cool.

My friend Bob, my friend who died, he was a history fan and he loved historic airplanes. He loved World War II planes because his dad, like Leonard Pennario, had flown in one. Bob went to air shows and had just been to one recently.

So we are there at the cemetery, and people are sharing their remembrances, and all of a sudden there is this noise that drowns out the speakers' words.

It was an old warplane, flying overhead.

"You don't see too many of those these days," the bagpiper said to me. Of course I had made friends with the bagpiper.

He said it was a World War II bomber.

Later we figured out it was probably the Memphis Belle.

The Memphis Belle was in town for the weekend. And there it was, flying overhead, giving our friend a salute. Howard said, how expensive it would have been had we arranged to charter the Memphis Belle and have it fly overhead. Now it had done it free.

Too cool, you know?

Thank you, Memphis Belle!

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